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      1. Welcome to the Bohe (Fujian) electronic technology co., ltd.
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        ABOUT US

        About Us

        Bohe (Fujian) electronic technology co., ltd. is a vibrant enterprise, since it’s founded in 2009, to create a first-class brand, providing superior service for human health as its own responsibility. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of high-end health massage products. The concept of "people-oriented" runs through the design of the products. To highlight the competition strength, the company keeps the pace of the latest scientific and technological achievements and promotes the perfect service system.

        [courtesy]take courtesy as the first, develop enterprise with faith, keep courtesy firmly

        [benevolence] cultivate the morality with benevolence, help the world with love, have benevolence

        [innovation]win by quality, seek development by transformation and make unremitting innovation

        [service] take the dedication as own duty, keep grateful heart, the superior service